Heimatverein Alte Vogtei e.V. is a local heritage association in Burbach, a 5000 inhabitant village south of Siegen in Germany. These websites give information about the village of Burbach, its history and present appearance.
The association is very active both in documenting the place's history and promoting civil society and cooperation in Burbach. That includes

  • a museum on living and working in Burbach with several old crafts, which all are in full function.
  • reconstruction of an old house in the village center, which now includes a printing museum, archives, rooms for exhibitions etc.
  • an annual " Museum Festival" at the last weekend in August, which is a central event for all Burbach citizens and those, whose family lived in the village.
  • a childrens' playground.
  • monthly baking of bread in a traditional baking house.
  • a group of people, who practise the dialect and published a book on it.
  • hiking tours and historical excursions.

There are already people from America, whose ancestors emmigrated from Burbach 240 years ago and who now contacted Burbach again through our website. Unfortunately most of our information here is in German language, but you can contact us in English, too.

Of course you can become member of the association. Your contribution is 8,00 €.

Currently there are two books on Burbach available, which you can mail order here:

  • Lóós de Kärche im Doorf:
    a book on our local dialect, which includes a dictionary, many amusing stories and several illustrations and photos. Werner Kreutz produced this book, which is published by our association.
    20,00 €
  • Burbach-Gesichter einer Gemeinde:
    a text and picture book on Burbach, its history and its people. The book covers not only Burbach, but also the villages, which are part of the municipality.
    22,00 €